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Friday, June 10, 2011

Reframing and Frugality: Root Canal

Ergh. I DO need a root canal. Of course I need it before July 1, when my medical savings account gets replenished.

A long while ago, Shelley wrote a post on reframing and happiness: the gist was that you need to reframe bad, challenging events as opportunities, or something along those lines. Her specific example had to do with taxes. I totally agree: when I was a starving student, I couldn't wait to pay income tax.

Let's try reframing the root canal: I am so lucky that I have enough in my emergency fund to pay for this thing without compromising my trip to Nantes.

I glanced up from my screen and saw this book: Frame Analysis.

Aren't I lucky that I already have this book because it's kind of expensive?

Not sure if this is working. Have you reframed anything lately?


Anonymous said...

And your teeth should not cause you trouble on your trip!

Anonymous said...

While I can appreciate the frame analysis, even when one has the doesn't look forward to a root canal. Looks like I have another on the agenda, if I can convince the tooth to hang on to January.

Frugal Scholar said...

@6e33...--Yes. That would be the main reason. Plus the dentist said: You don't want an infaction that close to your brain!!!

@Terri--Hope you have some kind of insurance. We do not....very expensive.

Shelley said...

What is it about root canals? I am suddenly thinking I have one in my future as well? And I definitely don't recommend having a tooth ache in a foreign country, absolutely not!

Duchesse said...

Reframe to "I'm so glad to live in these times when dental surgery is no longer an agonizing experience." (And don't forget to get the nitrous oxide along with the freezing.)

I did a lot of reframing re current move, from what I was losing to what I would gain.

Best wishes for a smooth procedure.

Frugal Scholar said...

@Duchesse-He didn't offer the nitrous oxide. Grrrr.

The Gold Digger said...

Dental college! I had my root canal done for $400. It would have been $1100 at the retail root canal guy!

BTW, it was uncomfortable but not painful. Menstrual cramps are far worse.

Frugal Scholar said...

@GD-Sadly, the dental college option isn't workable. It's half-price; they don't take everyone; long waiting period. PLUS you have to pay $100 or so just to "apply"--they do a preliminary exam to see if they will accept you. My friend who goes hates it. It's also more than an hour away.